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Ascend Group is a privately owned e-commerce company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand as a spin-off of True Corporation. It marked its $150-million expansion by launching their affiliates in the Philippines and Indonesia, Vietnam, and also hard to reach economies like Myanmar and Cambodia.

A former employee shared in a review "Ascend has a lot of politics. Confusing company goals. lack of clear direction."


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Former Employee - Teacher says

"Racist, elitist attitudes, The entire network leaders are amateur"

Current Employee - Science Teacher says

"- low teacher morale - blurred student conduct - old curriculum, very white curriculum"

Former Employee - Mathematics Teacher says

"-Teacher retention is typically low -Decisions are ALL top down. In other words, there is very little teacher voice in decisions that affect students and teachers -Lots of false promises. The school boasts that it is a restorative practices school, but nothing that we do as a school is restorative. Grades are constantly changed behind the backs of teachers to make data look better. -Student IEPs are rarely if ever met. These students often transfer at the last moment in their junior and senior years to credit recovery schools because they have fallen so far behind. -There is a clear divide between dean/leadership roles and teacher roles. This is encouraged by the principal. -The principal is highly manipulative and has ZERO experience in the classroom. She constantly lies, makes false promises, and pits teachers against one another. She fires anyone who is not a “yes” man. -Minimal opportunities for extracurricular activities for students. -No emphasis on making learning fun. We are often discouraged from projects and games in the classroom. -Chronically hires young and inexperienced staff. IMO this is because they are more likely to be compliant and therefore “yes” men. -I could go on, but this gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into..."

Former Employee - Elementary Teacher says

"Long hours, and if management thinks your classroom is not doing well, they will ask you to come in on weekends. No help with out of control behavior such as ripping things off walls, destroying classroom materials, running around the classroom, hitting, spitting, biting and punching other students as well as teachers. Management restrains children because they don't arrive until you have repeatedly called and things progress so bad that restraint is needed. Children were only allowed to go as a class to the bathroom twice per day because management thought children were playing in the bathroom due to lack of supervision. Some children wetted themselves because of this. You will be expected to spend your time after-school calling parents to let them know what extreme behaviors you have seen in school on top of creating overly detailed lesson plans that management doesn't even look at. Oftentimes, you have 12 hour days of pure stress. You are sometimes stepping out to call parents during class while someone directs your class. Parents often become angry with you and so does management. There is micromanagement and lack of support for teachers. Management focuses on test scores, and if your class isn't doing well (maybe because you can't teach when there are extreme behaviors happening such as punching, kicking, and destroying classroom property with no consequences) you will be micromanaged so closely that you will feel like you are the enemy of the school. About 5-7 other staff left by mid-year, which is a sign that this is a toxic work environment. I literally questioned my ability to teach after this school. After 2 more years teaching, I am leaving for good partly due to my terrifying experience at this school."

Current Employee - Dean of Instruction says

"Ascend has shown it's face to be a racist organization. I was drained in for my love of responsive classroom but I have yet to receive adequate training for It here. The special education department is below average and we are doing our students a disservice. The senior leadership team is very basic. The middle schools have been failing under the leadership of current Managing Director Mrs. Gadsden and the network allows this to continue. They currently made a public statement to staff, stating that all salaries would be flat for next year due to budget constraints, which will result in no layoffs. However, this week they laid off multiple staff members due to the "budget." Ascend has proved itself to not be integral and if you love yourself and students, do yourself a favor and work somewhere else."

Current Employee - Special Education Teacher says

"No work/life balance. Contradictory regulations which create unsafe situations. Yes, this is a growing school but the dysfunction and constant new objectives coming at barely indoctrinated teachers left and right makes work harder than it needs to be. Failing equipment, unable to complete basic prep tasks in a timely manner. Brainwashing ideology which, though well-intentioned, does little to empower kids or reach them on their level. Experienced educators will smell smoke two weeks into new hire training. Our kids deserve better than disorganization and empty promises. I had to provide books to my classroom library out of my own money just so kids had access to appropriate reading material. NO work life balance. Failing technology."


"Extremely disorganized, executives don't seem to care about people under them."

Former Employee - Special Education Teacher says

"Everything else is horrible in this school."

Former Employee - Teacher says

"Even though they are more diverse than most charter schools, favoritism is given to white women for Dean and network leadership positions (especially those that deal with academics). They tend to get promoted with less experience than POC."

Former Employee - 6th Grade Teacher says

"There is no accountability for students and not enough emotional support. Students barely did any work at all the entire school day and were openly disrespectful to teachers. The school did not feel safe and because students are not held accountable for their wrongdoings I am very concerned that they will grow up to continue to do harmful things to others and end up in prison. It is irresponsible to accept a simple “sorry” from boys sexually harassing girls or screaming at teachers. I am concerned for the kids’ futures as they are not taught positive behaviors at this school."

Budtender (Former Employee) says

"THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! The management at ascend doesn’t care about you, your effort or your input. It’s ran by first time industry and management kids with no backbone or common sense whatsoever. They don’t care if their management that they personally hire is demeaning, belittling, and irate to you, other staff and/or customers. All you are is a body to put behind the counter to make them money. The owners are the typical white family that is reaping the benefits of our cannabis community/culture and giving nothing back to it.Tips and other budtendersManagement and ownership IS A JOKE"

Production Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The place is a mess, still trying to figure out how to operate after decades! Newest genius supreme leader! Getting rid of 4 shift leads, creating 4 puppet "lead processors"! The one "lead" is a good old boy member in a club that is alive and well! An egomaniacal, control freak that lies and manipulates anyone above him by befriending a well established none degreed HR rep. And new unit manager a new unit manager that does not realize the s supreme lead has one of his high school buddies who held held a position on days th"

Cannabis Consultant (Former Employee) says

"You work 10 hour shifts and get 2 15 minute breaks and a 45. It's a high volume dispensary where you will quickly learn you are selling to 500 customers a day and making slightly above min wage with no hope for advancement.Tips and 4 day workweeksNo pto, awful healthcare program, constant firing and rehirings"

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"new owners who made a management company and they dont know the laws of property management. A lot of things were up in the air but overall good community."

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"As an independent contractor I performed assessments on individuals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities. The work was interesting and rewarding. Communication within the organization is poor. Management was not supportive and rarely offered praise for good work. The scheduler showed favoritism in assigning assessments.Interesting, rewarding workPoor communication and ineffective management"

Outbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"it was fun working as martial assistant. I handle my time of work and have a free food and fare expenses.. although its a bit difficult promoting the medicines to the health workers and brgy officers. as an outboud call sales representative its difficult of dealing with the americans but its fullfilling if you were able to sell the food and farelong hours"


"You have to start somewhere to get job experience. this company will give you this chance, but is it long term i would say no... The years i have been there i have seen people come and go and some quicker than others."

Financial Consultant (Former Employee) says

"It had motivated employees however overall the remote management was not efficient and the employee turnover rate was a huge problem in training their employees."

Operations Officer (Former Employee) says

"Ascend is a company created within a school for the student's Entrepreneurship class. There were four members in a group and it capitalizes on cold desserts. It was very helpful, but communication among the members could still be improved."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Great team but during by out there was no benefits so had to leave Boss was great dangerous work environment Learned how to be an operator shift work"

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